Newly revised dialogue, background music, and edited texts for greater accuracy and ease of translation.

This disc contains all you need including software, to produce simple video stories, PowerPoint presentations, picture books, flip charts, and more from Genesis! Includes an easy-to-use software program, scripts, templates, sample videos, tutorials, and hundreds of photo images.  See details below about applying for these resources.

Easy instructions so that anyone with a computer and a microphone can produce media that make a difference! You can even put videos on cell phone or internet using the included conversion software.

Along with over 930 images are 15 video templates and scripts for the following stories:

  • Abraham – God’s Call and Covenant

  • God’s Covenant with Abraham

  • God Tests Abraham

  • A Wife for Isaac

  • Jacob and Esau

  • Jacob Tricks His Brother

  • Jacob’s Trip to Haran

  • Jacob Returns to Canaan

  • Jacob Meets Esau Again

  • Joseph the Dreamer

  • Joseph in Egypt

  • Joseph in Prison

  • Pharaoh’s Dreams

  • Joseph Rules in Egypt

  • Joseph Reunites with His Family

The templates contained in these resources are designed for Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. But the scripts and images can also be used to create your own templates using video editing programs that run on other operating systems.


Genesis BSVT uses easy-to-translate scripts with images from the GENESIS video to create media to communicate God’s Word. The scripts are formatted to be used during any stage of a language program, even where there is no language program in progress. Entire communities will be empowered as their own storytellers narrate and produce vernacular videos.

These templates are restricted to approved language projects. To request approval for your language project, please download the application form or complete the online application form.

After you receive approval, you may download Genesis BSVT for free or order this resource on USB flash drive for $10 + shipping.  

Contact IMS if you have any questions.

Included free in the package, this software allows the translator to take our ready made templates and translate them into the language of their choice.