A Story of Loving and Caring

Kande’s Story, tells the story of a young woman whose mother and father die of AIDS. She and her five siblings, now orphans, face many problems and dangers just to survive. People from their church and community minister to their needs. The story includes essential health information concerning HIV and AIDS packaged in a five-chapter story in template form ready to be dubbed into your language.

What's in the Package

This resource includes Kande’s Story, questions, and the following supplemental Bible stories, with video templates to aid in scripture engagement:

  • Joseph’s Temptation

  • The Ten Commandments

  • The Man with Leprosy

  • Five Loaves and Two Fish

  • The Good Samaritan

Easy to use! Just translate the script. Then record the story in your language and create the video. All software and tutorials included for video production for PC, DVD and mobile phone. Video templates for use with Windows OS.