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Announcing Version 4.1 of Story Producer

Huge news! With this new version of the app, most books in the vast collection of the Bloom Library can now be used in Story Producer!

A screenshot of a sample of the Bloom books available to download and use on Story Producer

The Story Producer app enables local-language speakers to make oral translations of nearly 100 nicely illustrated Bible stories. Then, with essentially one tap, the app creates local Bible story videos they can share with their community. All on a basic Android phone.

Now, with version 4.1, beyond the provided Bible story templates, Story Producer works with story content you create in Bloom—scripture engagement, literacy, health books, et cetera—and enables local language communities themselves to translate these orally and distribute them as videos. (Audio books enable oral translation, but text-only books can also be used.)

Click this link here to learn more about Story Producer.

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