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Using beautifully illustrated pictures, this resource contains everything needed to produce simple Bible story videos. Useful during any stage of the language program, even where there is no language program in progress. Entire communities will be empowered as their own storytellers narrate and produce vernacular videos.  There are 133 stories Old and New Testament complete with scripts and over 2300 images to choose from.



WATCH THE VIDEO (It's Easy to Use Photo Story 3 Tutorial) OR

CHECK OUT our Quick Start Guide.

This is the fastest and easiest way to produce a Bible story video.  First, download the PS3 software, second download the story scripts.  The story scripts allow you to translate each story into convenient captions. Finally, download the pre-made templates.  All you do is record the narration on the template.  

Custom make your Bible story video using these resources.

If you already know how to use Photo Story 3 and want to start from "scratch" this is where to go to get your resources.  You will have access to all the images, audio files, scripts, templates and sample English videos for all 133 Bible stories.

Why should I register my language?

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It helps developers of these products to allocate resources (e.g. for revisions, for other major language translations). It assists with reducing duplication of your work by others where the same language is spoken.  Thank you for registering!!

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