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Kande's Story

A Story of Loving and Caring

Kande’s Story tells the story of a young woman whose mother and father die of AIDS. She and her five siblings, now orphans, face many problems and dangers just to survive. People from their church and community minister to their needs. The story includes essential health information concerning HIV and AIDS. Kande’s Story is now available in a 6-part animated video and ready to be dubbed into any language.

Sample video of Kande's Story

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Is this the right project for me?

This video is available as a single narration with the exception of Part 6, which requires one male voice and one female voice.

Total runtime:  24 minutes 

If you are interested in dubbing this video, please contact our Video Project Coordinator at  

In addition to video, this resource is also available in template form from our website. To download those materials, click here.

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