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Audio Equipment

Audio Resources

She received one of the audio New Testament units, and for her it is a gift from heaven. That is because it has brought her peace of mind in her life.

— E. from Peru

Audio Scripture Downloads

Audio recordings of the Scriptures are now available on the Internet through a variety of sites, which offer both audio and video products.  Global Recordings Network and Faith Comes by Hearing offer thousands of different translations in downloadable form.

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There are scripts in both ENGLISH and FRENCH for the whole Bible. These sets of documents allow a recording specialist to assign parts to actors and narrators, print copies of scripts for reading and prompting, estimate recording times, and provide an overview of the whole process.  Directions are included and easy to follow. 

Note:  All downloads are large files in "zip" format.

Essential Audio Recording Scripts

Bible Story Video Templates

Illustrations and Images in Slide Show Format

Illustrated Bible Story Example
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