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Our media training enables SIL and partner organizations to:

  • Develop local media content which creates dialogue with and draws on people's lives and testimonies to help communities see the relevance and hope found in the Scriptures

  • Develop their own staff as certified scripture dramatization specialists and/or dubbing specialists for producing Biblical films

  • Become familiar with easy-to-use and sustainable media formats geared towards local participation and ownership for an increased impact of language development and SE efforts

  • Create media content which is free of external quality control mechanisms and software development, in order to make use of social media networks but also traditional media such as radio and TV, engaging audiences in accordance with local media habits

  • Reduce the financial and time investment required for developing their media specialists by offering most of our training online and in the form of different modules. On-site courses can be arranged in strategic locations upon demand

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Audio Production

Learn how to use audio equipment and software in an impactful way. Duration: 3 weeks online.

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Video Production Training

This course equips you to produce powerful videos for a variety of ministry purposes. Duration: 2 weeks in person.


Role of Media in Ministry & Holistic Development

This online course gives you an overview of how media has shaped ministry and holistic development. Duration: 1 week online.

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Media Strategies 4 Decision Makers

In this on-line course you will be introduced to current media formats and approaches, comparing both traditional and new tools, equipped to effectively facilitate new media projects, and so much more. Duration: 1 day per week for 5 weeks, online.

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App Building Foundations

Get a hands-on introduction and a chance to practice making a few different kinds of apps.


Duration: 1 week online.

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This specialized module equips new and experienced IMS staff in dubbing Biblical films.

Duration: 2 weeks online.

Using Social Media Effectively

In this course, we will walk you through the basics of using social media in a way that optimises your reach and user engagement. 

Duration: 1 week online.

Participatory Radio Drama

Radio is still a powerful means of communication, even more so when it is participatory.

Duration: 1 week online.


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