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Video Production Training

Course Description


With the increasing impact of entertainment-education and social media, this course equips you to produce powerful videos for a variety of ministry purposes.


For improved sustainability and partnership on the field, this course emphasizes the use of essential recording equipment and open-source software as you complete four hands-on video projects:

  • an image-based video (for example, a Bible story video); 

  • a short film using an oral participatory message / story development approach;

  • a music video;

  • and an informational or tutorial video.

This course is available as a 2-week, in-person course at the SIL International Linguistics Center in Dallas, Texas, (English) or in Yaoundé, Cameroon (English and French).

Note: IMS is also offering this course to any organization wanting to hold it in a different location to meet the needs of local partners and participants.

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Next Class

  • DATE:  August 19-30, 2024

  • LOCATION:  TBD—Mexico or Colombia

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