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The History of Bible Translation


The History of Bible Translation video template is a great tool to help national, mother-tongue Bible translators understand the significance of Bible translation against the backdrop of history.

The package is in Video Template form consisting of images and a script file accompanied by PhotoStory 3 free software and directions.

The story begins with the earliest written forms of Scripture and follows the progression to our present day Scriptures. Starting with the Hebrew Old Testament, the overview tells the story of how the need to put the Scripture into the language of the people drives the need to translate. It traces the roots of the Greek, Hebrew, Latin and European language Bibles culminating with our present day translation work. It also highlights those translators who were key figures in the world of Bible translation such as the Hebrew scribes, Jerome, Wycliffe, Tyndale, Luther and others.


We now have music styled for different geographical regions such as Africa, the Middle East, East and South Asia and Latin America. The music was composed and arranged especially for this slide set. All music files are available and coordinated with a script page.

Download History of Bible Translation

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