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Scripture App Builder Templates

“I am very grateful for the app of our culture, the New Testament app. I love this because God gives each ethnic group their culture to value.”

— Pastor Arcesio, Guahibo People Group, speaking about a new Scripture app designed for his language

Making Scripture Video Slideshows Using
Scripture App Builder and Photostage

 Already using Scripture App Builder? Scripture App Builder (SAB) now integrates with PhotoStage video creation software (must be purchased from NCH Software) allowing you to build vibrant slideshow videos.  If you would like to learn more about Scripture App Builder check out the link below:

Our resource links for Gospel videos are below. You can access all of the necessary images and Photostage templates for a number of Bible stories. Documentation for downloading and assembling your video with Photostage and Scripture App Builder is included. The folders are divided into smaller packages of a few stories each for faster downloading.

To create a video, all you need is an audio file for the relevant chapter of the Bible, together with its corresponding timing file. SAB will insert the audio into a PhotoStage template, calculate the duration of each slide, and produce a PhotoStage project ready to export as an MP4 video file. These videos can be shared offline, published on YouTube and/or accessed from within an app.

Check out the videos already created in many languages at SCRIPTURE EARTH.

Available now:

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