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Video Templates Quick Start Guide

This is a Quick Start Guide for making your own video. Windows users, watch the Video below to see the process.  Access the PDF's and other video tutorials below to see the basics of set-up and installing Bible Story Video Template CD's to your hard drive,  and then using the products to produce your own videos! 

How to use Photostory 3

How to Produce Videos: Written Directions

  • Locate the script in the folder where it was saved and open it.

  • Translate the story and questions into your language. Make sure it is free of mistakes and easy to read.

  • Open the file for your computer’s operating system.

  • Follow the instructions to create a video in Windows Media Audio/Video format (WMV).

  • Your video is now ready to be viewed on a computer or uploaded to the Internet. However, to view your video on DVD, you will need to complete Steps #3 and #4 below. To view your video on mobile phones, you will need to complete Steps #3, #5 and #6 below.

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